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Heart Attacks and Nuvaring

Heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death among both men and women in the United States today. A lot of this has to do with controllable factors such as what we eat, how often we work out, and what type of body composition we maintain through life. Some people are more prone to heart attacks than others, though, and may need to watch the other risk factors even more simply because of their heredity.

Most heart attacks are caused by a blockage in the veins leading into the heart. When there is blockage, the heart can’t get enough oxygen and can start to go into a strange rhythm until it eventually stops altogether. Oftentimes, the thing that blocks the valve is a buildup of fatty deposits along the veins leading into the heart. These deposits can close off a valve altogether or restrict blood flow so much that the patient has a heart attack.

Blockage of valves, though, can also be caused by blood clots. These are harder to predict and more difficult to control. A clot normally forms in the legs or arms when blood pools in certain areas and begins to coagulate when it isn’t supposed to. Since there is no injury in the area, the body doesn’t sent along signals to break up the clot after a while, and it just sticks around, literally. Sometimes these clots break off from the veins in the legs and arms and travel to the heart, where they block major arteries and cause a subsequent heart attack.

Causes of Blood Clots

There are many things that can cause blood clots. Smoking, for instance, seriously increases a person’s risk of developing clots. One thing that can increase risk of clotting is Nuvaring, a new form of hormonal contraceptive. The synthetic hormones in this birth control option affect the way the body’s blood clots. It can make for an increased risk of clots throughout the limbs, which also increases risks for heart attack due to clots that are thrown to different parts of the body.

Blood clots are typically one of the risks of hormonal birth controls. The problem, though, is that most of the time, the risk isn’t very great unless it’s accompanied by other risk factors, such as smoking or obesity. Many women have unfortunately found out, though, that Nuvaring increases clotting risks beyond what is normal, causing even young and fit women to have heart attacks due to blood clots.

Women who have had heart attacks because of Nuvaring blood clots are now starting Nuvaring lawsuits all over the country. Many of these women are working with one law firm, but there is as yet no class action lawsuit about Nuvaring problems. The women who are taking the makers of Nuvaring to court are seeking recompense for unpaid medical bills, time off work, and changed lives. They are working also to make sure other women are informed about the risks of this particular type of hormonal birth control.
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