Saturday, October 23, 2010

Simple Ways to Start Meditating Today

Are you interested in learning how to start with meditation and learn some of the basic techniques to by pass some of the frustration people face when trying to master the art? Meditation is one of the best things you can do in your life for both your physical and mental health. Mediation is a life long journey that shouldn't be rushed. It is very easy to get started with meditation if you can spare even ten minutes a day for the practice.

One of the easiest ways to get started is using a simple meditation technique for beginners that works extremely well. One of the most common techniques for beginners is called the focused breathing exercise. This technique is very simple and only requires you to listen to the sound of your breathing to get started.

Make sure you give yourself some special time each day for meditation practice. Ten minutes is all you need to get started and can bring tremendous results quickly. You do not need to practice of hours on end when starting out to experience some of the unbelievable benefits meditation brings.

Find a quiet space at home where you will not be interrupted. Try to ensure that this time is not used for anything other than mediation. Lay down or sit in and upright position, most will try when laying as it is a very simple way to get comfortable instead of sitting upright.

Close your eyes and begin to let go of all the daily stress, anxiety or concerns you may have. This is your special time and the outside world does not exist during this time. With your eyes closed, start breathing at a nice consistent pace. Take nice deep breathes but do not make them uncomfortable, your aim should be to make it feel as natural as possible.

Begin to focus on the sound of your breathing. Take not of the wonderful feeling of your air going in and out of your lungs. Listen to the sound of your breathe as it goes in and out. Focus your attention to your breathing and keep it there.

You will begin to experience sensations as your body begins to relax. You will begin to have random thoughts pop inside your head, this is completely natural as you begin to silence your conscious mind. If these thoughts pop up simply bring your attention back to your breathing. As time goes on these thoughts should subside.

As you get deep into meditation you will begin to feel as if your body is completely relaxed, you may experience some tingling sensations as your body feels as if it is becoming lighter. Let this awesome feeling take over your body. It may feel as if you are floating on clouds and this is exactly the feeling that you are looking for.

You may start to have feelings of euphoria, enjoy the feeling and let it take over your body, allow yourself to be completely taken over by this feeling as you get deeper into meditation.
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