Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Importance of Real Exercising

Often times we neglect our health, especially in today's fast paced work world. We work day in and day out, but we never realize that we are forgetting the number one important thing in our life: our health. We never explicitly tie health to our own happiness, but our health plays a large part in it.

Exercise is the foundation of our health. For some people, the only forms of exercises are some form of martial arts, sports, and of course, lifting weights. How about aerobics? Many people just laugh it off because they do not consider it as a serious form of exercise, but this method is highly recommended because it's great for burning calories. Just because you are not building muscles with it like Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't make it a weak exercise. In fact, it was a really smart sports physiologist back in the 1960s who realized that the link between having a good, built body, and physical stamina is well...lacking. A person who does aerobics can very well last longer in activities that require constant action than a body builder.

First, let's talk about the history of Aerobics. An exercise physiologist Dr. Kenneth Cooper was puzzled by how people with excellent muscle strength has perform poorly in tasks such as long distance running, swimming, and bicycling. He decided to measure a person's ability to use oxygen. Later on he published a book called "Aerobics". And that's the beginning of Aerobics. Dr. Cooper and Col. Potts, both part of the USAF, designed a new exercise method that is designed to improve all elements of fitness: strength, flexibility, and cardio-cascular fitness.

So there are a lot of people who think aerobics have not much effect. While it is true that aerobics don't build up your muscles, weight lifting does not exactly build up your cardio-vascular systems. True you are muscularly fit, but if your cardiovascular health is still crap, then all that muscle strength isn't very useful when you need stamina. Aerobics is actually quite tiring, and truly does lead to physically more fit body. There is one thing aerobics don't do and is build up muscle (especially upper body). That, you still need to lift weights. I would say the best thing is to take best of both worlds: in other words, do both strength training and aerobics. The healthiest does both.

Unfortunately, in today's busy world, many of us have a tough time trying to make time for exercise. We all know the advantages of exercise, and know that it is probably one of the best things we can do for our health. In reality, even if we keep saying 'I don't have time for exercise', it's really a matter of prioritizing your time. If you truly do care about your health, then you will make time for exercise.

The healthier that you are, the happier you will be. Health should NOT be a limiting factor in your quality of life. In fact, our health should be ENHANCING our quality of life. Instead of depending on the amount of stuff we have, we should be thinking about how much subjective stuff we have. We cannot focus on the truly important things in life if we're all sick.

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