Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to save money when camping

In today’s financial climate it could be so easy to become obsessed with everyday living, your job and worrying about financial implications of booking a camping adventure for you and your family. We could get taken in by this rat race and forget the importance of family values and ensuring that our children are given the opportunity to express themselves in this beautiful outdoor world.

If you have a family and enjoy camping it may prove expensive to purchase all the equipment needed. When camping as a family it is essential to have all the correct gear especially if adverse weather may be forecast, this would ensure that everyone in the family has basic comforts and safety issues addressed. What can be done to reduce cost?

Here are some ideas for you to consider.

1) Approach family and friends to see if you can borrow any equipment. This is a positive way because you can offer any equipment you may have in return for when they go camping. Getting other family members involved is a fantastic idea to bond the family together. Maybe there are cousins, aunts, uncles, grand parents who would love the opportunity to be invited along to share in your experience. Inviting close friends that the whole family get along well with would also be a benefit, especially if they have children the same age as yours. This would take the pressure form you as the children would enjoy playing together, leaving you time to chill and save money on buying activities for the children to participate in.

2) Some countries offer free-cycle where you can offer any unwanted items that you may have. They generally allow you to request items also. So why not put a wanted sign out for any unwanted camping equipment. Make sure the group is in your area and you may be amazed what you may be given. Also, charity shops are an excellent way of finding kit which is very reasonably priced. Equipment like hiking boots, waterproofs, sleeping bags, tents, winter gear could all be purchased for next to nothing making an amazing saving on your camping budget.

3) Some camping equipment may be hired from a supplier. This has an advantage as it may save money and also save kit lying around when it is not being used. It is very wise to shop around if you are going to take this route. There are a lot of businesses out there who may be willing to even reduce price of hire gear if they know you are on a budget. If you are camping with children then taking simple kit like trumps, cards and simple board games will reduce costs as children will be entertained in the evening time and if weather is not too good. Taking you own food with you when camping will definitely reduce the cost of feeding a family and will prove fun for children as they like to learn to cook when camping.

Enjoy your camping adventure!
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